Xiamen C&D Inc. was solely incorporated by C&D Corporation in 1998, by restructuring the trading and logistics businesses that had been originally owned by C&D Corporation, and it was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Share name: C&D shares; Code: 600153) on June 16, 1998.

台湾棋牌游戏 Ever since it was listed, C&D Inc. has been oriented by its core value of “positive aggression and harmonious development" and incessantly improving its structure so as to enhance its business capability. During the past 10 years, the main indicators of the company, namely, major income, net profit, and net asset, have all maintained an annual average growing speed of about 30%. By the end of 2010, the company’s total asset was about RMB 40 billion Yuan, with a net asset of about RMB 7.5 billion Yuan. The turnover in 2010 exceeded RMB 66 billion Yuan .The company has been ranked in “Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises in China”, “Top 100 Listed Companies in China”, “Advanced Foreign Trade Enterprise with Good Business Performance”, first place of “Top 300 Third Industry Enterprises (Import & Export) in Fujian Province”, and “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise”. The Company share has been chosen as the sample share of Shanghai Shenzhen 300 Index, SSE Dividend Index and SSE Corporate Governance index.

台湾棋牌游戏 Starting from 2007, C&D Inc. has been attempting to transform into a supply chain operator in certain fields on the basis of the current traditional trading and logistics businesses. It has been vigorously establishing its brand image as a supply chain operator, striving to build supply chain operator brands in business fields such as paper and pulp, steel, mineral products, chemical industry, agricultural products and logistics. Moreover, it has been building consumable goods distribution provider brands in fields such as automotive and wine industry while it is also building export service provider brand focusing on shoes, clothing and vessels. So far, C&D Paper and Pulp Co., Ltd. has become the biggest distributor of paper and pulp in China and C&D Automobile Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest distributors of well-known automotive brands in Fujian Area.

With over ten years of development, C&D Inc. has developed into the present modern service enterprise centering on supply chain operation and real estate development. Its main businesses covers supply chain operation, real estate development, property leasing and industry investment, etc. Through the deep cultivation in Xiamen, Fujian, the business of C&D Inc. is expanding across the nation, and even overseas. By far, it has established business relationships with more than 70 countries and regions around the world, established its wholly-owned subsidiaries in Beijing, Tianjin, shanghai, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Hong Kong, the United States of America and Canada and established branches in Shenzhen, Shantou, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Qingdao and Chengdu.

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Major operated products

  • Pulp & Paper
  • Iron & Steel
  • Mineral products
  • Chemical products
  • Agricultural products
  • Machanical and electrical Products
  • Textiles and other light industrial products
  • Automobile
  • Alcohol products
  • Logistics services

Major Real Estate Development

  • C&D Real Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Lianfa (Group) Co., Ltd.